AMD announced series PRO A-Series chips for laptop and PC

AMD recently introduced A-Series PRO series of new chip for laptops and desktops.

AMD has just introduced a line of new processors targeted at high-end laptops and desktops. New product line called AMD PRO with many security features, supporting new AMD PRO Control Center help IT administrators can easily manage multiple computer architectures and support for heterogeneous systems (HSA ) to allow the CPU and graphics cores working together for some tasks.

One of the newest chips under the AMD product line PRO A12. This is the processor for the first laptop equipped with the company's 12-core (4 core CPU, and includes 8 core GPU). The chip supports clock rates up to 3.4 GHz and speed of graphics operations to 800 MHz Radeon R7.

The Cell processor chip with 4 cores include PRO AMD A8, A10 Radeon graphics with R6. All AMD processors ARM TrustZone technology support and HEVC video decoding.

Besides, there are some new chips for desktops formerly known by the code name Godavari PRO. AMD says the chips will soon appear on the PC's HP and Lenovo.

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