Hundreds of thousands of Acer laptop power cord may cause fire

 Because type power cord Linetek LS - 15 is provided for use with laptops Acer, Gateway and eMachines may overheat, causing risk of fire or burns, Acer Vietnam is conducting recall and free replacement .

Competition Administration Department (MOIT) has received official letters of Acer Vietnam Company Limited on product recall Linetek power cord LS - 15 is provided for use with laptops under the brand of the company Acer, Gateway and eMachines due during use may overheat, causing risk of fire or burns.

Type power cord under recovery programs were sold from about May to August 9/2013 9/2010 (with approximately 113 895 products have been sold in Vietnam market).

Consumers currently using the laptop by the Company under the brand Acer Acer is the Acer, Gateway and eMachines are accessible on the following website to determine which products are currently used in the program revoke or not:

If the product is subject to recall, customers should immediately stop using the company Acer will check and in case of detection of the user's power cord to withdraw subject to a free replacement.

For more information or need advice, customers can contact Acer toll of Vietnam: +84 8 6252 4888.

Rooms Protect Consumer Interests, Competition Management Department recommends that customers are using the laptop aforementioned Acer needs updating and collating information to examine and implement measures defend their rights.

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